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Technology Guides for Students

A central place for common technology-related questions and solutions for students at Viterbo University.

Viterbo University collects student evaluations of the courses they take via an online system called Watermark Course Evaluations and Surveys.  These evaluations are used by faculty for class development and are an important component of the promotion and tenure process.

Course evaluations are commonly collected in the last two weeks of a regular academic session, excluding finals week.  For classes that start and end outside of the regular 8 week/semester calendar, evaluations will be collected as close to the end date of the class as possible.

Steps for completing evaluations:

  1. Look for the email in your Viterbo email notifying you that evaluations are open.
  2. Click the link and complete the evaluation.
  3. Complete evaluations for all classes. If you have more than one instructor, be sure to select ALL instructors you intend to evaluate.

Note: Each link is unique to a specific user. You must be logged onto your own email to successfully complete the course evaluations.

If you do not get the email, you still can log into or Moodle when evaluations are open and complete your evaluation.

Questions?  Email