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Technology Guides for Students

A central place for common technology-related questions and solutions for students at Viterbo University.
If you need to record and share a presentation, consider the following options:


The Quickest Way: Record Yourself (and Your PowerPoint!) in Microsoft Teams

  1. Open the Teams app or go to and log in with your Viterbo email/password.
  2. Click the Calendar icon on the left
  3. Click “Meet Now” (upper right)
  4. Set up your screen (share presentation, test recording—if needed)
  5. Click the three dots in the menu then select “Start recording”
  6. Stop the recording when you are finished
  7. You should receive an email when you recording is finished
  8. Share your recording (via Stream or OneDrive)—but make sure your instructor has access by logging in and checking to make sure the link can be opened!

Additional Screencasting Options

Record the screen while you view/record your presentation. This option is preferred for sharing presentations (with or without PowerPoint) with others.

Recording audio in a PPTX file

If you have already recorded your presentation within PowerPoint, consider the following option to share your file:

Sharing a link to a video:


  • Students can share videos via OneDrive or Stream (both are apps in Office 365).
  • Ensemble is a tool that instructors can use to share or have students upload videos. Students do not have their own accounts for Ensemble.



Please use Echo360 (as of Summer 2022), Teams, Zoom, or another screencasting method to record your presentations.

Consider the following options if you have a large file or video that you need to share with others: