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Technology Guides for Faculty and Instructors

The purpose of this guide is to provide resources for technologies used in teaching and learning--all in one location!

Zoom Web Conferencing

ZoomViterbo uses Zoom as one of its tools for web conferencing, allowing you to remotely communicate with one or many people—sharing video and/or audio or yourself and/or your screen.

Viterbo employees and students are provided with a Zoom account that can be accessed by visiting and logging in with their Viterbo email address.

Viterbo employees have a licensed account with no time limit for meetings with up to 300 participants. Students are provided a "basic" license that allows meetings up to 40 minutes with up to 100 participants. Students are advised to use Microsoft Teams if no time limit is preferred.

How Zoom Works:



Check out additional helpful tutorials at Video training is also available.

Zoom meetings can be recorded to your computer (locally) or to the cloud. A few notes about recording Zoom meetings:

  1. Local recordings (on PCs) are stored in Documents > Zoom. Instructors can share their local recordings by uploading them to Echo360.
  2. Cloud recordings are accessible via Zoom > Recordings. Note: Zoom cloud recordings are set up to save *automatically* to Echo360.