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Technology Guides for Faculty and Instructors

The purpose of this guide is to provide resources for technologies used in teaching and learning--all in one location!

Web Conferencing at Viterbo for Faculty and Employees

Viterbo has a couple web conferencing options: Zoom and Teams. Click a link below to learn more about

Note: Viterbo has 150 Zoom licenses for employees. Although 150 licenses allows a large number of employees unlimited meeting time frames, so does Microsoft Teams. We are urging employees to consider using Teams for web conferencing, allowing faculty with larger courses to use Zoom.

Zoom vs Microsoft Teams Compared

Aspect Zoom Teams
How to access

or downloaded app for desktop or mobile device (easiest)
(or however you access email online)

or downloaded app for desktop or mobile device (easiest)

Login Viterbo ID Viterbo ID

Host logs in to Zoom and sends meeting invite (URL) to participants; can happen any time

Team “owner” sets up team; communication and meetings can happen any time.

Can meeting links be sent via Outlook? Yes Yes
# of participants 300 250
max # of participants visible on screen at once 50 50 (as of September 2020)
Time limit

Basic: 40 minutes

Licensed: unlimited (Viterbo has a limited number of licenses for employees only)
8 hours to unlimited (if scheduled)
Acessible to those without Viterbo email? Yes Yes, though not as intuitive as Zoom (link can be copied from Outlook invite)
  • Video
Anyone can share video (webcam) Anyone can share video (webcam)
  • Audio
Can use computer/device audio or dial in Can use computer/device audio; dialing in not currently available at Viterbo University
  • Whiteboard
yes yes
  • Chat
Yes, during meeting is easiest Any time
  • Share screen
Anyone on the meeting (with permission from host) Anyone who accesses via a Viterbo account can share video (off campus folks may not though)
  • Participation
Polls and informal responses (icons; without talking) are possible Participants can "raise their hands" via an icon
  • Record?
Yes – to computer is preferred (need to upload to Ensemble or YouTube to share) Yes – to Microsoft Stream in O365. Adjunct faculty may need to download first in order to share (different Office 365 licensing)