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Moodle Help and Tutorials

Welcome to Moodle! This guide has how to documents, information, and Moodle help.

Introduction to Moodle

Welcome to Moodle! Moodle is a learning platform that allows professors to connect with their students online. Via Moodle, students can submit assignments, post to forums, take quizzes, and view grades. This guide includes how-to documents, information, and Moodle help. 

Instructors are required to do the following in Moodle:

  • Supply a syllabus for the class
  • Make the course visible to students a week before the class starts
  • Provide availability and contact information
Recent Updates:'s also important to make sure your course is accessible to all learners. By accessible, we mean that the course can be delivered to students with diagnosed visual, auditory, motor, cognitive,or seizure disabilities. Consider using the following resources when preparing your course(s) to improve accessiblity:

blank calendar imageIn order to maintain an efficient instance of Moodle, academic courses are removed two years after their occurrence, and new courses are added in accordance with the registration schedule. See below for details (note that all dates are approximate):

Week of November 1st: Fall courses from two years prior are removed from Moodle.

Week of November 15th: Spring courses are added to Moodle.

Week of March 1st: Spring courses from two years prior are removed from Moodle.

Week of March 15th: Summer courses are added to Moodle

Week of June 1st: Fall courses are added to Moodle.

Week of June 15th: Summer courses from two years prior are removed from Moodle.


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