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Moodle Help and Tutorials

Welcome to Moodle! This guide has how to documents, information, and Moodle help.

How to Set Up and Take Attendance

Moodle has two ways to move course content between courses: import and backup/restore. Whenever possible, use the import function.

When you import:  When you want to move class resources and activities from a class currently in Moodle (generally the current and within the past two academic years.

When you back up:  At least twice a semester and at the end of the course. Keep only the newest copy.  Backups are useful for classes you teach less than once a year. If you want to keep a back up for a future import (for content), be sure to download the backup file (.mbz) without opening it, to your computer.

When you restore:  When a class is not currently in Moodle (the current and past two semesters) and you want to reuse course content from a backup.