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Moodle Help and Tutorials

Welcome to Moodle! This guide has how to documents, information, and Moodle help.

Moodle GIFT Format

For the those familiar with coding or text editing, you can utilize the Moodle GIFT format to create quizzes.  This text-based format is similar to editing HTML or writing programming instructions.

A question in this format might look like:

// multiple choice with specified feedback for right and wrong answers
::Q2:: What's between orange and green in the spectrum? 
{ =yellow # right; good! ~red # wrong, it's yellow ~blue # wrong, it's yellow }

To Export Questions

To export questions from the question bank, click the action menu (gear) in the upper right of the course page, then click the Question Bank tab and select Export.

To Print a Quiz

To print a quiz see the instructions below. If you have questions, please contact Moodle Help.

Grading Essay Questions

Viterbo University licenses LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor. These applications are used to deter cheating during online exams.

LockDown Browser prevents students from printing, copying, going to different URLs or accessing other applications during an online exam. It’s ideal for use in testing centers and proctored environments.

Respondus Monitor enhances LockDown Browser by using a student’s webcam to record the assessment session. This enables online exams to be taken in non-proctored environments and deters students from accessing other resources during an exam (such as a phone, a second computer, etc.). It also ensures the right student is taking the exam, and that the student isn’t getting help from others.

Instructor Live Proctoring with Respondus Lockdown Browser.

                            Lockdown Browser/Monitor now has an additional option: remote proctoring. The new Instructor Live Proctoring option enables instructors to use a video conferencing system (Zoom or Microsoft Teams) for live, remote testing. LockDown Browser prevents cheating on the computer or device itself, while the instructor watches students via video conferencing. This mode of testing is recommended for small, synchronous classes where instructors can effectively manage and observe students during the exam. Note that it is not ideal for one-on-one proctoring. For further details, including a video tutorial, visit

Using Respondus Monitor

(automatic remote proctoring)


In addition, you may find the following resources helpful in getting started:

Overview video:

Instructor Resources for LockDown Browser:

Instructor Resources for Respondus Monitor:

If you’d like to attend a webinar hosted by Respondus, you’ll find dates and registration information here: Please contact with any additional questions.

Would you like your students to watch a video and answer questions during the video? And have those questions scored?

You can create quizzes in Echo360 and add those quizzes(or polls) to Moodle.  Create your video quiz using the polling feature in Echo360. To view the responses to a poll, go to the polling tab of the media details page for the interactive media where it is embedded, OR to the polling tab for the Echo360 course section where the media was published.