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Research Process: 4d. Using Your Resources

No matter what stage of the research process you're at--only beginning, stuck in the middle, or finishing up with citation polishing--this guide is a great resource for you.

Using Your Resources

4d. You've nearly finished your research process. You've selected and developed your topic, located resources, evaluated them, and cited them. Now, it's time to put it all together and write your final project.

This is the point where you may need some outside advice. Drafting your project may come easily to you, but getting it into a format and final version may prove difficult. You should follow these guidelines when you're striving to finish:

  • Know there is help! The Academic Resource Center at Viterbo University (known as ARC), assists students with intellectual endeavors including tutoring, writing assistance, testing, and much more. You may call, visit, or make an appointment from their website.


Congratulations! You've completed all four steps of the Research Process Tutorial.

At this point, if you have questions about your project, please contact us at the library.

Good luck with researching!


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