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Research Process: Step 1: Develop a Topic

No matter what stage of the research process you're at--only beginning, stuck in the middle, or finishing up with citation polishing--this guide is a great resource for you.

Develop a Topic: Overview


Todd Wehr Memorial Library, Viterbo UnivesityStep 1: Selecting a topic for your project and developing good research questions may be the most difficult part of the research process. Follow the links below for some guidance on how to get started.  (Or click on the drop down menu on the tab above):

WISPR: A Visual Model

One way to visualize the research process is to think about your topic, keyword exploration, gathering information, and the inevitable refinement of the research statement as the interaction of your ideas and the ideas you discover. Below is the Wispr model (Workshop on the Information Search Process for Research), which shows how closely the two beginning stages of researching (Steps 1 and 2) interconnect and reinforce each other.


If you'd like more information about the Wispr research model, please read Yukon University's handout.

Selecting a Topic: Video

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