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Virtual Displays: September 2021 - Classical Music Month

September 2021 - Classical Music Month

  “Classical music is a celebration of artistic excellence …. This month we exalt the many talented composers, conductors, and musicians who bring classical music to our ears. …music is a unifying force in our world, bringing people together across vast cultural and geographical divisions.”

 - President Bill Clinton, 1994 


Classical music is a type of music composed in Europe between 1730 and 1830.  Music from that period largely consisted of Operas, Symphonies, Concertos, String Quartets and other chamber music.  The term is also generally used for music that is not popular or folk music.

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Classical Music Books

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Did you know that Viterbo has online access to thousands of music tracks online?  The Naxos Music Library is not only a resource about music and music education, it also allows you to stream online and create playlists. 

Check out a few albums and playlists below!


Watch Now!

Want to watch some classical music performances?  Check out the Music Online: Classical Performance in Video collection here: