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Copyright for Educators

Please check to see if the items you're using are considered fair use.

Overview of Streaming Media

Instructional Support Services and the library will provide streaming media services for instructors as long as the item is owned by the library and the video and/or clips are used only by instructors and students for educational purposes. The video and/or clips will only be available in Moodle for a temporary time period, so instructors will need to re-request if needed for future classes.

If you would like an item digitized, please use this link. The material needs to be owned by the library, so contact a librarian to submit a request if we do not own the video. If you haven't already, consider these options:

  • Find the media on Academic Video Online. This database includes scholarly video material of virtually every video type: documentaries, interviews, performances, news programs and newsreels, field recordings, commercials, demonstrations, original, and raw footage—over 70,000 titles.
  • Check out the DVD from the library’s collection and show it during your class.
  • Place a DVD on Reserve at the library’s Main Desk, and require students to visit the library to view it or check it out.

For the complete policy, please visit this link.

For more detailed information about video use in the classroom, see the following relevant laws and interpretations: