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Copyright for Educators

Please check to see if the items you're using are considered fair use.


Can I make copies of articles and distribute them in class?
Yes. Distribution of multiple copies for classroom use is fair use. However, the repeated use of a copyrighted work, from term-to-term, requires more scrutiny in a fair use evaluation. Repeated use, as well as a large class size, may weigh against fair use.

Can I upload an article to my Moodle course?
Yes.  However, keep in mind that course management systems do not exempt an instructor from copyright rules.  Here are some guidelines, in order of preference, for posting a resource to your class:

  1. Link to articles or eBook resources on library databases. Using a permalink is the best way to link.
  2. If a permalink not available, complete a Fair Use Evaluation before scanning or saving it to post to your course.
  3. Repeated use of a copyrighted work from term-to-term weighs against fair use. You will likely need to ask for permission to use the item from the copyright holder.

How do I use permalinks?

If you copy the link for an article from the browser address bar, this link is temporary and will also not work for students when they are off-campus. Permalinks are stable links that will always take students to a specific full-text article. You may usually find a permalink in a database next to the article. They sometimes have a link icon. For more help with permalinks, Permalinks are sometimes referred to as persistent, stable, or document links.

Can I use images in my presentation?

The simple answer is you may use images if it's for a classroom or University presentation. (Here is a good overview on the topic.) Please track down the copyright holder to give credit. If you are sharing your presentation outside of the University, you will need to obtain copyright permission for images, use images from public domain or copyright-free collections, or use your own images.