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Research tools for students in psychology

Need to develop your idea?

If you are just starting your research, you may need to develop your topic further. Ask yourself:

  • What do I already know?
  • What do I need to know?

As you consider these questions, take a look at a few of our reference resources for general, background information about your topic. 

Searching databases simultaneously

Rather than using each database one at a time, often you can save time and expand your search by searching several databases simultaneously. 

Note that this feature is available only when these databases are available through the same company. Because all of the psychology databases (and many of the other listed databases) are databases that are provided by the EBSCO company, they may be searched together rather than one-by-one.

To search several EBSCO databases simultaneously, go to the search screen of any individual EBSCO database,  click on the "Choose Databases" option (located at the top of the search screen) to get a menu of the databases, and then make your selection of additional databases that you wish to search.

(Note: If you wish to use the Thesaurus provided in either APA PsycARTICLES or APA PsycINFO, you must use that respective database individually.  When you search several databases simultaneously, the Thesaurus link disappears.)


How to Use this Guide

This guide contains suggested resources and how-to tutorials to guide you through your research. 

 If you're just starting your research, read "Need to Develop Your Idea" to the left.  The remaining boxes on this page will help you find "Articles" and "Websites" .

Need some help formatting your citations? Select the "RefWorks" tab at the top of the page to learn how to organize your research and cite your sources.

Feeling lost? Select the "Research Process" tab at the top of the page to access an in-depth tutorial on all the steps of the research process.

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Test Information

You will need to use a different strategy to find testing instruments (surveys, questionnaires, etc.). If you need to find a testing instrument to use for a specific purpose or audience, but you don't know of any testing instruments by name, search HaPI to find testing instruments. Next, you will need to know whether the test you've selected from HaPI is appropriate to use for your research and population. Search the Buros Center for Testing website by entering the title of your testing instrument to find the volume of the Mental Measurements Yearbook in which your instrument was reviewed. Finally, search VU library's WorldCat Discovery to find the shelf location of the Mental Measurements Yearbook volume.

Once you've found an appropriate testing instrument to use for your research, either search the psychology databases to attempt to find the full testing instrument in the appendix of an article, OR contact your instructor for help obtaining the testing instrument.

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