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Catholic Research and Resource Guide


This guide presents resources concerning the history of the Catholic Church. You'll find a wide range of materials and documents about the Church, including items within the library's collection as well as reliable and informative web resources. If you're embarking on a research project, consider contacting the library for help. We can set up a research consultation, send you links to background information, books, or articles, and explain resources like ATLA, RefWorks, and interlibrary loan.

We would like to thank the Eugene H. Maly Memorial Library at Mount St. Mary's Seminary and School of Theology for generously allowing us to base many aspects of this guide on their Catholicism resource guide.

Library of Congress Classification

The library uses the Library of Congress Classification systems to organize print materials. Monographs on the Catholic Church are primarily located in the Class B section and can be found in subject areas like Ethics, Religions, Christianity, The Bible, Doctrinal Theology, and Christian Denominations.

Image of Library of Congress Classification System - Class B