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Career Action Plan

Senior: Launch

Senior: Launch


Gain career-related experience and develop your professional identity

  • Demonstrate professionalism in all your interactions and emails to develop a positive personal brand
  • Join professional associations in your career field
  • Attend and present at conferences/events
  • Obtain career-related experience through jobs, internships, undergraduate research, or informational interviews


Implement your search and secure a position

  • Update your resume and cover letter to market your qualifications; upload to Handshake
  • Complete graduate/professional schools applications
  • Develop a job search strategy
  • Research jobs and companies
  • Prepare an “elevator pitch” to introduce yourself
  • Attend career fairs and special events such as Speed Mock Interviewing, preparing ahead of time so you can engage employers in conversation about your qualifications and employment opportunities  
  • Take time to brush up on dining and workplace etiquette
  • Practice your interviewing skills on your own by using Interview Stream  
  • Network with professionals in a field of interest
  • Expand your network through your LinkedIn profile
  • Learn how to evaluate a job offer and negotiate salary


Plan for life after college

  • Develop short and long-term goals
  • Research cost-of-living and consider finances after graduation