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Searching Databases Simultaneously

Rather than using each database one at a time, often you can save time and expand your search by searching several databases simultaneously. 

Note that this feature is available only when these databases are available through the same company. Because all of the psychology databases (and many of the other listed databases) are databases that are provided by the EBSCO company, they may be searched together rather than one-by-one.

To search several EBSCO databases simultaneously, go to the search screen of any individual EBSCO database,  click on the "Choose Databases" option (located at the top of the search screen) to get a menu of the databases, and then make your selection of additional databases that you wish to search. Click on OK.

(Note: If you wish to use the Thesaurus provided in either APA PsycARTICLES or APA PsycINFO, you must use that respective database individually.  When you search several databases simultaneously, the Thesaurus link disappears.)


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