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Counseling: Testing & Assessment

This is a LibGuide for Students in Viterbo's Counseling Programs

Testing & Assessment

You will need to use a different strategy to find testing instruments (surveys, questionnaires, etc.). If you need to find a testing instrument to use for a specific purpose or audience, but you don't know of any testing instruments by name, search HaPI to find testing instruments. Next, you will need to know whether the test you've selected from HaPI is appropriate to use for your research and population. Search the Buros Center for Testing website by entering the title of your testing instrument to find the volume of the Mental Measurements Yearbook in which your instrument was reviewed. Finally, search VU library's WorldCat Discovery to find the shelf location of the Mental Measurements Yearbook volume. The current edition is linked below. Past editions are shelved in the reference collection.

Once you've found an appropriate testing instrument to use for your research, either search the psychology databases to attempt to find the full testing instrument in the appendix of an article, OR contact your instructor for help obtaining the testing instrument.

Videos on Testing & Assessment

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