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Servant Leadership Resources: Case Studies

This is a guide to library resources for students of Viterbo University's Master of Arts in Servant Leadership program.

Case Study Research

Case Study Research

A case study tells what happened to and in a business (or non-profit, or industry) over time. Case studies allow you to learn about real-world organizational problems and how they can be addressed. They challenge and develop your problem-solving abilities.

In general, case studies can be found in both scholarly and non-scholarly business journals, and also on the web sites of business consulting groups.

Finding Case Study Articles

Using Business Source Complete

  1. Go to the library web site.
  2. Click Research and then Databases.
  3. Scroll down to Business Source Complete, click it, and log in with your Viterbo login and password.

To find case studies in Business Source Complete:

  1. Scroll down the page to Document Type, and select Case Study from the menu.

  1. Scroll back up the page and enter your search terms.

Many other databases contain case studies. You can find them by going to the 

  1. Go to the library web site.
  2. Click Research and then Databases.
  3. Choose Servant Leadership from the Sort by Subjects menu.
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Click on the desired database.

To find those case studies, simply log in and search for your topic and "case study". For example:

  • leadership AND "corporate social responsibility" AND "case study"

When searching for case studies...

- Try searching with various terms, case study or case studies

- When keyword searching, make sure you use quotation marks to search for "case studies" as a term and not individual words

- Search by case study as a document type

- The term "case study" often appears in the document title - try adding "case study" to your title search

- Check the limits section of the database - you may be able to place a limit to only search for case studies

Case Studies in Books

These are different from "cases" in the commercial/traditional sense.

  1. You can do a keyword search in the library catalog:

case studies servant leadership search box


case studies "servant leadership" search box

      2. You can limit the search to just books.

limit format to books

     3.You can broaden the search to include other libraries.

held by library limit


If you find an item you'd like to request from another library, click on Request through Interlibrary Loan. (Note: E-books may not be borrowed via interlibrary loan.)

Request through Interlibrary Loan screen shot

Log in with your campus username (without and password.

You will receive an e-mail from the library main desk when your book arrives.