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Technology Guides for Faculty and Instructors

The purpose of this guide is to provide resources for technologies used in teaching and learning--all in one location!

Faculty can record and upload instructional videos, audio, and images they create to the Ensemble streaming server at instead of uploading files directly into Moodle.  This allows large media files to be streamed to students, enabling them to access content more quickly and without needing a robust internet connection.  Recorded Powerpoints, video files of many types, audio files, and images galleries can be uploaded and managed by faculty.

Reminder: Ensemble is available to faculty and staff only. Students can only use Ensemble by uploading media to a dropbox set up by an instructor.

Please do not upload content that you have not created.  To stream institutionally-owned videos, please visit the Online Conversion to Digital Format Request form.  If you have questions, email the reference desk at

For additional tutorials and help using ensemble, go to

Improving Video Quality

If you find that your video quality is too grainy, select  the “MP4/MP3 - Upload (no conversion)” workflow (if it is already an MP4 file) or the "Screencast 1280x720" option (if it is a screen recording) when uploading:

To change a video you’ve already uploaded, go to “Manage” the video:

...then Delete it under “Media” (on upload page):

...then upload all over again (on that same Manage tab; no need to exit and start anew).

This process allows the link/embed code to stay the same (if you’ve put it in Moodle or shared the link).

If you see this icon:

..and your video won't play, you need to RE-upload your video. To fix the issue, delete video and upload with the following selection:

Be sure to select "Compress and Stream..." to convert your file to an .mp4.