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Technology Guides for Students

A central place for common technology-related questions and solutions for students at Viterbo University.

If your instructor uses Turning Technologies clickers, you will need to complete the following:

Step 1: Purchase a Response Card from the Bookstore

Step 2: Purchase a TurningPoint License

Step 3: Create Your Account with Turning Cloud

You can purchase a clicker (and often a license with it) from the University bookstore. You can visit/purchase in-person or online at

If you do not have a clicker license, go to the Student Store menu at and purchase a license.  Alternatively, you can following the instructions below regarding Using Your Account with Turning Cloud and purchase a license via the student store there. Be sure to record your license code.

Note: You can purchase a license via the link above OR via the link in your Moodle course. Be sure your account is connected to Viterbo University.

You should see the check boxes below in your Turning Account once you have completed all preparation steps:


Only do this step if you do not already have an account with Turning Technologies.

  1. Go to a Moodle course with the Turning Account link and click on the Turning Account Registration link.
  2. Click Create an account
  3. Continue to follow the instructions (click on the link via your email and complete the form) and include your License Code and Response Device ID per Step 1.
  4. If you do not yet have a license or response device ID, you may still enter them by clicking on Profile and selecting to purchase a license or device after creating your account.
  5. After creating the account with license and device registered, you should see the symbols below and an indication that you are linked to Viterbo University.


If you used a clicker last semester, you should only have to click the link in your Moodle course and then log in and you should be good. Points to remember:

  • You DO NOT need to go to "enroll" and see the course.
  • You should be paired already by going through the link in the course page to log in.
  • However, you HAVE to do this (go through link in the course) in the new Moodle course for the current semester.  
  • Do NOT go to an old bookmark.  
  • You will know it worked if you go to "Dashboard" in your Turning Account and see all three green checks.