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Technology Guides for Faculty and Instructors

The purpose of this guide is to provide resources for technologies used in teaching and learning--all in one location!

How to Allow Students to Upload Media to Ensemble

Instructors must create a "dropbox" in Ensemble in order for students to submit video or audio files. Click the link below to learn how to create a dropbox:

Submitting Videos to an Ensemble Dropbox

Ensemble is a private video management system at Viterbo that instructors can use to manage and distribute videos. If the instructor sets up a “dropbox,” Ensemble allows you to submit videos to your instructor’s account. This tutorial shows you how to upload a video to your instructor’s Ensemble account if they have set up a dropbox.

How to Upload a Video to an Instructor’s Ensemble Dropbox

  1. Click on the link to the dropbox, which is distributed to you by your instructor. Your instructor may post the link in Moodle or send it to you via email. Regardless, it should look similar to the form below.
  2. Fill out the required fields and add text to the description and keyword boxes if desired, or noted by your instructor.
  1. Either drag your video file to the upload box or click Add file to find your video and manually upload it.

Note: Check with your instructor to verify what video file type you should submit. MP4 files are preferred, however, your instructor may set up the dropbox to accept .mov, .wmv, or .avi files. If you are a Mac user, be sure to include the file extension on your video file name.

  1. Click Start upload.
  2. After the upload is complete, Ensemble will direct you to a confirmation page. This means your video has been uploaded to your instructor and they should be able to view it at any time.

Note: Take a screenshot of the confirmation page so you have it in your records.

Also, taking a screenshot is different on Macs and PCs.

-For a Mac, (shift+command+4), the screenshot should appear on your desktop.

-For a PC (Alt+PrtScn), then paste the picture into an image editing program, like Word,  so you can save it.


Sharing Large Files in Moodle

For Students

The file size limit for uploaded files in Moodle is set at 20 MB. This means that some types of files, including presentations (PowerPoint) with a lot of images and audio, or other multimedia files may not be uploaded directly to Moodle.

There are multiple reasons for the 20 MB limit, including the following:

  • Large files are difficult to manage (download and view)
  • Our Moodle instance is not set up as a streaming server, which means that most large files must be uploaded/downloaded.
  • Larger files tax the bandwidth of our Moodle site, potentially slowing it down when many are attempting to upload and/or download files.

The solution? Upload files to another location (that can handle the large file size) and SHARE the files. The following offers some solutions for sharing different types of large files.

Solution #1: Share It via OneDrive!

Use this option for sharing Microsoft Office files (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc) via a web link vs. uploading directly to Moodle.

1. Log in to OneDrive by going to

a.Click Sign In

b.Type in your Viterbo email address (1st screen), then click Next

c.Type in your Viterbo ID password (2nd screen), then click Sign In

2. Navigate to OneDrive. Click the OneDrive icon.

3. Click Upload.

4. Select the file you want to share and click Open.

5. Wait for the file to upload. This may take a minute or few if you have a very large file.

6.Once the file is uploaded, click the “three dots” icon.

7. Click the “Only shared with you” hyperlink OR the Share option.

8. Click Get a Link.

9. Select to Create Link for “View Only” (others can view but not edit your file) or “Edit” (others can view and edit your file).

10. Copy the link.

11. Test the link in a separate browser to see how it looks to your audience.

12. Share the link with others:

a. Via email

b. Pasting in Moodle

Solution #2: Share It via Ensemble (what’s that?*)

Use this option for sharing video files (or PowerPoint files “Saved as…” video files)

*Ensemble is basically a “private YouTube” for instructors that can allow students to upload videos to their Ensemble accounts for submission via a “dropbox” function. This is only an option if your instructor has created an Ensemble link for you to use.


If the file you want to share is already a video:

  • Using the Ensemble dropbox link from your instructor, complete the form and upload your file.

Note: .mp4 files work best! (good to know if you have difficulties with a .wmv or .mov file)

If the file you want to share is currently a PowerPoint (2010 or newer) file

  • PC users: In the save as type box select the MPEG-4 (.mp4) or Video File (.wmv) option.
  • Mac users: When using a Mac, open the file, then open QuickTime and use the Screen Recording tool to record your presentation.

After the file is saved as a video, use the Ensemble dropbox link from your instructor and complete the form and upload your video file.

Solution #3: Share via an External Service

If all else fails, you can share your file via an external service, such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

Note: An instructor Ensemble dropbox is not the same as the Dropbox service link listed above. Not all instructors use the Ensemble dropbox function.