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eBook Guide: EBSCO eBook Collection: Special Features

Special Features

The EBSCO eBook collection has some special features that allow readers to take notes, define text, and search the full text of an eBook for a particular word or phrase.

If you have any additional questions checkout the eBook FAQ tab.

Take Notes

EBSCO eBook Collection currently does not allow you to highlight text in an eBook. You can, however, take notes or write annotations. First, login to your My Ebscohost account.

To take notes:

1. Select the Create Note icon on the right-hand side of the page.

2. Select New Note

3. Begin writing your note or annotation. All notes will be saved along with the page number the note is located on and the date it was created in your My EBSCOhost folder under Notes. 


Define a Word

To define a word:

1. Select the dictionary icon from the right hand navigation bar.

2. Type in the search box. Several definitions will be displayed immediately below the search box.

Word Search

To locate all the instances of a particular word or phrase within an eBook:

1. Select the word search icon in the right hand navigation bar.

2. Type in the search box. An interactive list of all instances of the word or phrase in the eBook will appear beneath the search box.

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