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eBook Guide: CREDO Reference

CREDO Reference

CREDO Reference contains hundreds of reference titles, including encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, and guides in many disciplines. You can perform a simple one or two word phrase search in the search box for entries containing the exact keywords specified, or you can browse the list of titles contained in CREDO Reference and select an entry from the book's table of contents.

CREDO Reference contains Topic Pages on selected topics in multiple disciplines. The Topic Pages will generally contain more information, including images or maps, suggested readings, and multimedia files (video, audio, etc.).

To browse the complete list of Topic Pages:

1. Select Find Topic Pages


2. Choose the subject area/discipline and click the entry name.

Find a Reference Book and Read an Entry

To browse the entire list of reference eBooks contained in CREDO Reference:

1. Click Find a Book


2. Select the desired subject area/discipline. Click the desired eBook's title.

3. The entries contained in the eBook are listed alphabetically. Select an entry by clicking the entry name.

4. Your selected entry will open automatically.

Download an Entry to Your Computer

Only individual entries can be downloaded to your computer. An entire reference eBook cannot be downloaded (just as you cannot check out a print reference book).

To download an entry to your computer:

1. Select Save from the tool bar above the entry text (repeat with as many entries as needed).



2. Select Saved Results from the banner tool bar.


3. Select Print PDF and Full Text, then select Go.

4. Open the PDF with Adobe Acrobat.


5. The PDF entry will open in Adobe Acrobat. Save the entry to your computer. Go to File and select Save as...

6. The entry will now be saved to your computer.

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